Kids Group Lessons All levels

Kids Group Lessons


There are 3 levels within the childrens snow garden, with the final level progressing outside the snow garden. 

During the school holiday periods : From 4 years old. Outside the school holidays : From 3 years old.


International Cristal : I have never skied, or only in the snow garden. From 6 years old.

Bronze Cristal : I can make snowplough turns on a green slope and I know how to take a lift alone.

Silver Cristal : I no longer snowplough and begin to sideslip on blue slopes.

Vermilion Cristal : I make parallel turns and ski on the red slopes.

Gold Cristal : I master small rythmic turns and parallel turns on red and black turns.

Diamond Cristal : I ski on all terrain, in all snow conditions in advanced parallel turns.

Medal included!

Information about the Skipass

  • Skipasses are free for children under 5 years. (These are ordered directly at the ticket office with proof of age)
  • For the snow garden and Cristal International groups, you do not need a skipass from the beginning. It's possible to wait for the instructor to tell you the day you will need it. 

Please note:

In the busier weeks, especially in the school holidays, our advice is to book as early as possible as availbility quickly dissappears.

In the quieter weeks, a minimum of 4 participants is needed for the course to be maintained. We will wait until the last moment before cancelling a course. If that is necessary, we offer a full refund or to change for private lessons to the same value.


  • Helmets strongly recommended.
  • Don’t forget suncream.
  • Check weather forecasts to ensure you are dressed appropriately.
  • Have a bag with a snack for all children's groups in the snow garden.

Groups lessons start from Sunday till Friday or from Monday to Friday and take plce in the morning according to availability.

Skipasses are necessary for all group lessons exept the first day for level Cristal International and Adult Beginner. Check with the instructor after the first day to ask if you will need it for the following day.

Please visit the ESI office when you arrive at the ski resort to finalize your registration.

The meeting point for all levels and lessons is the ESI ski garden. It is in front at the Hôtel Côtes Brunes Bus on the bottom of the slopes. The closest bus stop is stop N°13.